The Most Complete Payment Solution for Complex Payment Models

The Amaryllis Payment Platform is a customizable, scalable, API-driven payment engine built specifically for the omni-channel platform economy servicing third-party payment models.

White Label Solution

Our white label solution allows you to brand and control the customer experience you desire – without compromise. Your customers belong to you, and stay on your platform.

Fully Customizable

Our modular payment experience allows you to quickly integrate, customize at will, and scale efficiently. Spend more time growing your business and less time writing code.

Seamless Integration

Our API-driven solution and white glove support provide quick integration to existing legacy systems. As you grow and your needs evolve, our solutions evolve right along with you.

Flexible Modular Design

Whether you need a complete, end-to-end payments platform, or a single functionality to round out your capabilities, our interchangeable modules allow you to implement only what you need, and nothing more.








“Built from the ground up, our customized and modular solution solves the unique business needs of complex payment models.”


Easy onboarding with minimal data, supporting fast growth while controlling risk and compliance. Basic sub-merchant data collected initially, additional information needed as risk profiles dictate.

Risk Profiles

Define sub-merchant risk profiles based on compliance and risk requirements. Risk profiles include limitations on transaction activity and payout plans.

AML/KYC Checks

Sub-merchant checked against negative database based on mandatory AML/KYC requirements. Platform performs the full AML/KYC process as normal.

Sub-Merchant Onboarding

Platform quickly boards sub-merchants on their site via iFrame, collecting personal, business, and banking information.

Alert Notifications

All sub-merchant boarding activity can be tracked and reported back to the platform. Platform defines events, notification process, and reporting requirements.


Complete control to set fee structures, reserve strategies, and Smart Routing. Manage, approve, and perform payouts and withdrawals in a controlled, role-based, process. Payouts can be configured for automatic processing or manual approvals.

Alternative Payment Methods

Full support for alternative payments including PayPal, Wallet (stored value accounts), virtual currencies, and locally-preferred payment methods.

Multiple Processing Models

Full support for aggregation and direct to sub-merchant models. Each sub-merchant gets a unique identifier where all transactions are accumulated.


Currency pricing and conversion with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enables global commerce.

Smart Routing

Optimize authorizations with intelligent transaction routing via a single point of integration.


Complex billing engine powers the creation and management of billing agreements, dissecting a transaction into various billing parts (seller fees, acquirer fees, platform fees, etc.).

Splits & Fees

Unlimited splits and fees configurable at the sub-merchant level. Fees can be calculated as a percent, fixed amount, or a combination of both.

Recurring Billing/Decline Recycle

Management tools for services where payment is made at regular intervals. Sophisticated decline recycle logic reduces declines.

Seller Account Management

Create, modify, and change each seller account hierarchy, including financial information, service level plans, clearing plans, billing plans, and payouts.


Consultative approach ensures merchants are compliant and operating in a safe and profitable manner. Full suite of risk management tools, including fraud detection engine, alerts, decision making workflow, and dispute management system.

Monitoring & Alerts

Configurable alerts based on multiple parameters, triggered by transactional and account activities. Alert notification via email, SMS, and API.

Fraud Detection & Screening

Fraud detection engine identifies, manages, and prevents suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent activity. Rules-based scoring includes an unlimited combination of rules. Account ratios provide constant monitoring.

Dispute Management

Automatically capture chargeback information and process based on defined workflows. Chargeback reports provide a comprehensive overview with the ability to drill down and review specific issues.


Provides automated, day-to-day reconciliation with processor and banking partners, in addition to alert monitoring for exceptions or mismatches.

End-to-End Transaction Lifecycle

Full transaction visibility from processing to payout execution. Settlement reporting reflects sales, fees and merchant payout (net amount).

Automated Matching

Automated day-to-day reconciliation and monitoring for any exceptions or mismatches. Multi-currency and data matching capabilities.


Manage, approve, and perform payouts and withdrawals in a controlled, role-based, process. Payouts can be configured for automatic processing or manual approvals.

Customizable Payout Plans

Flexible funding options with ability to define payout schedules for sub-accounts and aggregation periods.

Automated Payout

Payout instructions generated and sent to the platform operator or third party to execute payout. Payouts can also be configured for manual approvals.

Rolling Reserve & Escrow

Customized reserve management capabilities based on business needs. Payouts can he held in escrow or disbursed on a rolling basis.


Management dashboard provides end-to-end reporting and analysis with easy access to all payment-related data. Aggregated and sub-account reporting provides rich transaction data.

Sample Reports

  • Transactions
  • Splits
  • Commissions
  • Fees
  • Settlement
  • Payout

The Amaryllis Payment Platform is a modular, scalable, feature-rich payment engine with years of best practices built in.



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